Grants for Solar Panels

The Australian government has committed itself to reducing household C02 emissions and improving the energy efficiency of homes throughout the Australia. Currently there are two schemes specifically targeted at getting more domestic use of solar panels, one for solar photovoltaic panels and the other for solar hot water systems.

Government Grants Available

As part of a government backed initiative to make houses more energy efficient you can get goverment rebate towards the cost of solar panels. The level of grant available to you depends on your circumstances as well as any previous grants awarded on the property. To be eligible for these grants an accredited installer must be used and they will help guide you through what you are entitled to.

For more information about the Federal Government’s Solar Credit Scheme please click here

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Fred-in tariff for solar

Victoria’s feed-in tariff offers Victorians with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, a guaranteed credit of at least 8 cents per kilowatt hour for excess electricity fed back into the grid at any time of the day or year.

The feed-in tariff encourages Victorians to reduce their individual carbon footprint, by making solar panels more economical for the average household and rewarding Victorians who return unused power to the state electricity grid.

A feed-in tariff is a payment to households, community organisations and small businesses from power companies for electricity that is ‘fed into’ the power grid. Customers that install small-scale renewable energy systems can sometimes produce more energy than they can use. If connected to the power grid, these customers can feed this electricity back into the grid.

How Feed-In Tariff be calculated ?

Solar Energy can save you thousands of dollars on your home energy bill and your hot water heating costs if you use the right systems. Right now you can get a feed-in tarriff on your excess electricity generated and put back into the grid.

To be eligible you must: .Be a household, community organization or small business;

  • Have a solar PV system no greater than five kilowatts in size;
  • Claim only solar PV systems installed at your principal place of residence (if you are a household);
  • Consume 100 megawatt hours or less of electricity per year (if you are a small business or community organization);
  • Claim only one solar PV system per site.

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Act quickly to take advantage of the remaining grants that are available for solar systems and be ready for the new renewable heat incentive scheme.